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Enhance your State of Mind!!!

I am in Love with 'Inhaling'! Using these Beautiful Natural Aroma's to Refresh and Relax your Mind!

These lovely Blends are Created to give immediate Gratifacation as you go through your day!

Wonderful when your at the computer too long or on a long drive...

To Enhance going to Sleep! 


Royal Green Hojari


Frankincense has been valued since Ancient times for it's Pscho-active properties cutlivating a feeling of Calm and Spiritual Awarness, as to why the churches coveted it. It was also valued for it's Healing properties; properties decreasing Inflammation and nourshing the immune system.

Royal Green Hojari Farnkincense is know as the Highest grade of Frankincense. There are several other types that are Wonderful in their own properties, of which I have incorporated into my blends to get a well rounded blend of nutrients to nourish, moisturise and protect your skin.  I have processed the Frankincense into a Oleo-resin which is the best way to get all of the bioelements of the Bowsellia properties available for your skin, which the essential oil does not have. 

Strenghten Your Immume System!

Having a Strong Immune System is the Cornerstone to Staying Healthy!

As our lives tend to be complex and over-streched, after years of that lifestyle and maybe not the best of diets... our Adreanal glands can become exhusted, creating high levels of the hormone Cortosol, known as the "aging hormone' which can cause a depleated Immune System, making us more valunerable to illness, wherever our body's weak link may be.This can also cause depression, anxiety. 

If this is our cultural lifestyle then we need to support it.  Many people excersise, which is one of the best remedies, but it does still strain our adrenal system. 

I have created a varity of Immune support products to help you stay Healthy in these critical times of COVID. Staing as Healthy as possible is one of your best defenses.


Personal story; In my 40+ years in the Healthcare Profession, working very close with people as a massage Therapist, I stay 'Preventively' Healthy.  Many times I have seen people when their flu symptom's haven't show symptomatic, but they are contagious.  I have always taken Immune supporting herb's and Herb's that help to fight Viral and Bacterial infections. It has been my personal choice not to get flu shots, which I DO NOT reccommend, but for my body it has worked. The only time in 40 years I have gotten sick was when I worked a 12 hr day and the exhustion left me valunerable, a learning lesson for me as I have a 'Wonder Woman' syndrome, I tend to be strong and rationalize I  doing very concentrated day's of work. I would regulary adverage 8-10 hr days, on my everyother work week schedule. 


Alchemy Hydrosols

I have fallen in Love with Hydrosols!  They are sooo refreshing to Spritz your face with or your Personal Space.

Lavender is Wonderful all through the day to refresh yourself.  The Sage has a Wonderful Earthy Grounding effect. 

A Hydrolso is a distallate 


Muscle Magic

Tension Relief

I have created Muscle Magic from my years of being a Massage Therapist working with muscle tention.  I have created this to heal the muscle tissue and relieve pain.  I have had a wonderful response to it from lots of people! 

The salve is made with Magnesium salt; to nourish   tissue giving elastisity to release muscle tention. I grow and extract my own hemp extract, which helps reduce inflammation and pain. I pick my Arnica here in the Mt's and infuse it in Olive oil, it helps increase blood flow for healing. I add Comfrey which I grow, it is known for healing the small muscle tears we can get when the muscles get very tight. I add Castor Oil known from Edgar Cayce's use to speed healing. I make Tumeric and Black Pepper tinctures and add to decrease inflammation.  I make a tincture of White willow bark (the base of asprin) which also decreases inflamation, promoting healing.  


Spagyric Tinctures

A Spagyric tincture is made from a Alchemical process that has been used through the ages, since the 17th century. In the simplest of terms, the plant material is extracted first into a tincture, then then plant matter is put through a process; burned to ash, soaked, dehydrated and the water soluable minerals are put back into the tincture, making it a Full Spectrum remedie.


Luscious Naturals

Mother Nature at Her Best!


I use only the Highest Quality of Pure Essential Oils with the best base oils for Rejuvenating and Healing your Skin

 I am making Amazing Natural products with No added preservitives. Being a small business I do not need to add preservitives because my products don't sit on shelves for months, they are made in small batches and sold directly to people on line.  They do have Natural preservitives such as Vit E and Grapefruit seed extract when needed

Elderberry Immune Elixir!

Elderberries have been used through out history as one of the top Immune Supporting Herbs!

Elderberries are full of Anti-oxidents and vitimans which strengthen the Immune system, helping prevent colds and flu. Many people consider the elderberry plant one of the most powerful for preventing and treating influenza and swear by its antiviral properties. The antioxidants in the berry can fight the herpes virus and give relief.

Elderberries help support the adrenals to cope with stress levels. Elderberries are known to have anti-inflammatory benefits, of which Inflamation is one of the irritants to the base of our overall health. 

Elderberries are know to help with Hair growth too! 

The list could go on! 

Ashwagandha Blends

Make this your own.

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