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Enjoy the Essences of Gaia!

Wild-Harvested, Organically Grown,  Hand-Crafted Herbal Products



My products are of the highest quality made from over forty years of extensive growing knowledge and experimentation with herbal essences and aromatic properties that nourish and heal the body - both internally and externally. I'm excited to expose and educate people about the benefits of herbs, essential oils, and resins, which have been revered and known since ancient times, into these present times as a natural response incorporating their use into our daily lives. 


These products are all about Nourishment for your Skin, Hair, and Body. Incorporating a variety of these products into your daily lifestyle helps to keep you nourished with a balance of antioxidants, antivirals, antibacterials, and anti-inflammatories to keep you and your family healthy in the intense times we're in.  

I’m delighted and proud to offer these wonderful products that I’ve lovingly created for You to enjoy!




Support Your Immune & Adrenal Systems

These tonic tinctures are formulated to nourish your system to bring balance to your personal needs. Adaptogenic blends are known for their ability to help your stress response. They're meant to be taken daily and are non-toxic. They nourish and rejuvenate the adrenals, help to lower cortisol levels, and boost exhausted systems due to prolonged stress.


Enhance Your State of Mind!

These are the Finest of Essential oils and Absolutes in a mini-perfume roll-on to Enjoy and Enhance your state of mind, bringing immediate euphoric effects right into your brain as the mood calls for, especially in the evening winding down with a cup of tea! Use these perfumes on your temple area, neck, and under your nose breathing slowly and deeply. I'll be bringing in new Aromas as the seasons give. Frangipani is now on the Menu!




Enjoy as the Mood Calls!

Hydrosols are what can be referred to as the ‘Alchemical Process of Distillation’ where plant matter is broken down and the elements are reconstituted into a form that is more bioavailable to your skin, hair, and external environment.


Use it to refresh your Emotional Attitude and Mental Clarity whenever needed. They're wonderful after a shower and great to help with sleep when applied to a pillow.


Organic Spagyric

Spice-Up your Drinks any Time of the Year!

All Bitters support Healthy Digestion! They add that ‘extra-something’ to sparkling water, cocktails, or mocktails. Try it as part of your next hot toddy. As a digestive, use in a glass of water just before eating, or as many times a day as you like. 

Have fun!


Mother Nature at Her Finest!

The word ‘Luscious' describes the feeling I get while making Essential Oil and Hydrosol from my home-grown Lavender flowers. The beautiful rich qualities of Lavender give an aroma that’s known to help calm the nervous system, treat anxiety, restlessness, and depression.


Studies have shown that Lavender has properties that can help with insomnia by increasing slow, deep brain waves. It has antiseptic, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help soothe and heal irritated tissue from injury, burns, bites, etc. It also regenerates the cell tissue of aging skin.

Lavender is a great Colorado flower because it loves the dry and sunny climate here. A great drought plant for the times we're going into. It gives a generous amount of Essential Oil compared to most flowers.

Lavender Group HiRes.jpg
SALT Grouping.jpg


Surrender to Euphoria!

Himalayan Salt is known for its ability to help Detox your system, while the Bioavailability of Magnesium Chloride heals and rejuvenates your Nervous system and Muscles. Each Blend is created with Essential Oils to Immerse you in Gentle Delight!


Enjoy as the Mood Calls!

These inhalers are the most effective way to incorporate Aromatherapy into your daily life! Use various ones as you move throughout your day - at the computer, driving, relaxing, etc.

Simply Refreshing Your Mind & Spirit!



Nourishing Calm Awareness 

Frankincense has been valued since Ancient times for its psycho-active properties cultivating a feeling of calm and spiritual awareness. This is why the churches coveted it.It was also valued for its healing properties, decreasing inflammation and nourishing the immune system. Frankincense can be taken internally to decrease inflammation and helps to soothe the nervous system.

I make three types of Frankincense that are extracted into an Oleo-resin: Royal Green Hojari Frankincense, Boswellia Dalzielii Frankincense, and Papyrifera Frankincense. These Oleo-resins contain the element Boswellic acid which has been proven to have anti-inflammatory properties.



Soothe Sore Muscles

This muscle relaxing and healing salve is made to relax the muscles using Magnesium, Arnica, which I wild-harvest in our mountains, Castor oil, known by Edgar Cayce for its ability to enhance healing, and the essential oils of Eucalyptus and Peppermint, which help to increase blood circulation for healing. I've received great responses to this salve in reducing pain from trauma and stress from exercise and arthritic pain.


Natural Insect Repellent 

Bug Off is a Powerful Blend of Essential Oils with Neem Hydrosol and Neem Oil, which is well known for its Insect Repellent properties.

The Hydrosol Spritzer is great for all over including hair and clothes! The Oil is best for exposed skin areas.

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