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Hi, I'm Carrie Tarran!

My journey with herbs began at the age of eighteen while living in Hawaii. There, I experienced first-hand the full power of Gaia’s Essences when I contracted staph infection. At the time, staph was quite common on the islands and easily contracted by even a small scratch from a coral reef. I learned about Goldenseal, which can be used both topically and internally, and miraculously the infection went away. I also cured my puppy of distemper with Goldenseal! ​I then got my first herbal 'Back to Eden', which began my journey with Herb's!

I've grown to appreciate the power and simplicity of using high quality herbs, essential oils, seed oil, flowers and nut oil that are all nourishing for the skin, hair, and internal systems. My latest fascination has been exploring the ancient use of the resins of Frankincense and Myrrh. I'll be introducing new products because the combinations are endless! I'm confident you'll enjoy the abundance of aromatic sensations and healing benefits found in all of my products! I've created various products, that help support you staying healthy during these times going into the winter months with COVID, flu and colds.


The bottom line is to stay as healthy as possible, which means reducing stress as much as possible, eating well and exercising. It is so important to get to know your body, being sensitive to your daily needs and learning to stop and take a few breaths from time to time. Tonics, herbal drinks, wines, brandy, etc, have been a traditional part of the lifestyle of every region. Having these various concoctions did give a healthy natural nutrient blend.

I employ both ancient and modern extraction processes, such as, Distillation, Spagyric processing, Ozonation, and Oleoresins.

In 1969,

After Hawaii I ended up in Boulder, Colorado, started studing with an amazing high energy little German woman, Hanna Kroger-who owned a Health food store dountown; now Kroger Herb's as she passed years ago. At that point a community began around creating Boulder’s first 'Bulk' Natural Foods Store, “The Green Mountain Grainary” -with an Herb Shop! We made the grainola & carrot juice, etc. That's when I learned to cook brown rice, veggies and tofu, everything from scratch. 

That was the beginning of an era in Boulder; Celestial Seasonings was just getting going, White Wave Tofu,The Raven Book store as well as the first Natural Foods Restaurant called “The Carnival Cafe” which was a great gathering spot for us all.

Carnival Cafe.jpg
Shop 1.jpg

Fast Forward to 1997,

I opened a small Herb Shop in North Boulder, 'Gaia's Essence'. Making herbal and Essential Oil products was my passion, so I decided to open an Apothecary Herb store, to blend personalized formulas for an individual’s needs. I also had an Aromatherapy Bar to create Individualized Aroma formulations. After a time, I realized that running a store wasn’t what I wanted to do. So I sold it and went to Thailand for 2 months!


after 40 years of being in the Healing Arts as both an Entrepreneurial Herbalist and Massage Therapist, I’m now thriving on my beautiful one-acre farm in the rural valley of Paonia, Colorado. This is where I grow a variety of herbs, 200 Lavender plants and Hemp for my products. I bought a Beautiful Ambelic Copper Distiller for extracting my Lavender Essential Oil and making other various Hydrosols; Lemon Balm, Calendula, Neem, etc. to begin making Wonderful Spritz Blends for the Face, Hair and to refresh one's Personal Space!

I also have my own extraction machine for making CBD, CBG & other herbal extracts, as well as my Rose extract & Spagyric Tinctures that I make which concentrates the Healing properties.

I just love making things! Such Beautiful gifts Mother Nature gives to us to explore and play with!

Distiller Machine.jpg

My favorite past-time is in my studio kitchen experimenting and concocting new and old creations.

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