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HYDROSOL Wild Juniper Berry

Enjoy spritzing this Beautiful floral water on your face to rejuvenate and tonify! 


Each Hydrosol has Specific Elements to Enjoy as the Mood calls!


Hydrosols are what can be referred to as the ‘Alchemical process of Distillation’.A Hydrosol is plant matter that is distilled in my copper distiller, which is where the plant is broken open by boiling and the steam moves through piping that goes through chilled water. When the steam hits the temperature change, it reconstitutes and turns into a Distillate/Hydrosol and Essential oil can also be produced by some plants. This process makes the plant nutrients Bioavailable for your skin.These Hydrosols are made from organic plant material and pure ozonated filtered water. Processed in small batches for high quality.

HYDROSOL Wild Juniper Berry

  • Wild Juniper Berry Hydrosol.

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