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Divine Blue Lotus 1 oz.

The Blue Lotus properties affect the Pineal Gland, nicknamed 'The Seat of The Soul. It was reviered by the Egyptains in all of their art work, found covering the bodies of the kings in tombs and known as a Sacred Medicinal. Its is calming, helping to relive anxiety, bringing a Deep Calm Spritual State of Mind, can be Dream inducing, know to be have aphrodisac properties



• Start with a dropper, explore what dosage suits your needs at the time 

• This tincture can be taken as needed to evoke a Relaxed State of Mind; before bed, doing Prayer work or Ceremony, etc. 🌱

*Do not use when taking other medications unless consulted with your Doctor.

Divine Blue Lotus 1 oz.

  • Organic Blue Lotus Flowers, Organic Vodka

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