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Upper Body Serum 2 oz.

This Blend of Frankincense is to Nourish and Protect the delicate upper body tissues which have the most exposure to the weather. This oil Nourishes and Revitalizes your skin with it’s Anti-inflammatory Healing properties of the Finest blend of Frankincense.


Frankincense was revered in Ancient times, along with Myrrh and Gold, for its elements that have the ability to calm the nervous system and create a Deepened Spiritual Effect. Therefore, the churches and healers praised it. Its properties as an Oleo-resin were known to nourish the skin as well as being taken internally to decrease inflammation.The essential does not have Boswellic Acid, so is not as good of an anti-inflammatory as the Oelo-resin.      


It has been used since ancient times by the Egyptians for skin rejuvenation, especially in aging and dry skin. I’ve created these products to nourish and rejuvenate both externally and internally.


Upper Body Serum 2 oz.

  • Finest blend of Frankincense ~ Royal Green Hojari, Boswellia Dalzielii and Papyrifera infused in MCT oil, as an Oleo-resin extract, Borage Oil, Evening primrose, Lavender Essential Oil.

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