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Having a Strong Immune System is the Cornerstone to Staying Healthy!

In my profession, working closely with people, I've always kept myself in prevention mode against the flu, taking my various tonics/tinctures that must have helped, because I never get sick. 


Our lives are complex and over-stretched and after years of this lifestyle, along with possibly not the best of nutritious diets, our adrenals become exhausted. When this happens our bodies produce high levels of the hormone Cortosol, known as the "aging hormone' which can cause a depleted Immune System, making us more vulnerable to illness what ever our body's weak link may be. This can also cause depression and anxiety. 

To assist with your winter health protection, I'm offering a discounted package of all my best immunity products:

Elderberry Immune Elixir: Well known for strengthening our immune system, with Ginger, Clove, Cinnamon, Nutmeg which also support immunity and Local organic honey.  

Wild Artemisia Sage Hydrosol Spray:  used for it's known properties to help disinfect the air around you. I spritz after friends have been over or if you're working with clients, spritz your space. 

Immunity Inhaler: Eucalyptus and Tee tree known for their powerful antiviral, antibacterial properties, great any time you go out, fun for kids to use too!.Take a few Inhales after being around people, helps to make a germ barrier to prevent getting into your system.

• There are three Qi Tonics for strengthening your immune system: Sweet Osha - Especially good for upper respiratory inflammation, Ashwagandha - A popular Aptogentic herb known to support a strong Immune system, especially with inflammation which is the base of many health problems. The Immune Blend is formulated with well known antiviral, antibacterial, antiinflammatory herbs, with nutrients we don't regularly get in our foods.


*NOTE: If you are on Medications, please check with your doctor before taking the tonics. 

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